18 years on board a wonderful yacht

Your most important party of 18 years on board a wonderful yacht! Celebrating the birthday of 18 years on the boat is definitely a party that all the guests will dream to do! Aboard our luxurious 26-meter yacht you can have fun, dance, eat, drink … do not overdo it … as long as you want! There is also the possibility of stopping to sleep … up to 12 people!


On the Fly there is space for another 30 people, and you can enjoy a fantastic elevated view, sheltered from the elements protected by our transparent closures for rooms


A yacht is an original and unusual idea

The boat is 26 meters long, with lots of furnished cabins, it’s like a small floating room where you can welcome all your friends and family for an unprecedented event. Our Yacht Prime can be hired for a birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion. A fabulous combination that rhymes with memorable events, fun parties and the desire to escape for a day from boredom and everyday life. We can provide everything for the organization.

We can also offer you a limousine service and fireworks!

We are waiting for you to organize and best arrange your unforgettable day!


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