Hen party on board our Yacht!
An exciting experience!

You have to organize a hen party but you do not know what to do? You’re in the right place! Your best friend has decided to get married! As soon as you know it, a single thought starts to bite through your head: that of having to organize a bachelorette party in the boat with the bows. At the beginning it may seem like a commitment like many others, archived without an excessive waste of time and effort. I assure you that it is not like that. Not to mention the incredible lack of organization that often affects the result at the start. In short, before thinking of what it is better to focus on how to set up a party worthy of being called that. Let’s see, then, what are the aspects to keep in mind to organize a hen party on the boat.

Bachelorette hen party

how to organize before throwing yourself headlong into the search for some intriguing and curious activity to propose, remember to follow these steps: Make the list of invitees. Usually on occasions such as these, all women who have a close relationship with the future bride are invited, whether they are part of the family unit, of the kinship or group of friends with whom they go out in the evening. If you want, you can also have the list of invitees chosen for you, so you can avoid unwanted people.
Communicate with everyone invited through a group on Whatsapp or Facebook.

Organize well in advance

You have to start thinking about what to do at least a couple of months before the wedding day, especially if you are a large group. Reconciling everyone’s commitments is not easy and sometimes takes a long time. If you can warn in advance of the possibility of others to organize and keep free.
Set a budget. It is obvious that no one would like to pay for expenses on these occasions, but reality teaches something else. Propose a budget to the whole group and invite the others to tell them sincerely, in order to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.

Think of the tastes of the future bride

A bachelorette party can not be organized according to your tastes, simply because you are not the protagonist of the party. No matter what you like doing to yourself, you have to put yourself in the bride’s shoes, think about your interests and choose an activity that would make you happy.

What do you think? In short, you must be able to make this unforgettable day for the future bride and not for you. The last thing you want is to make her feel uncomfortable, right? So to organize a bachelorette party in the boat you just call us to decide only the day .. we’ll take care of the rest! Catering, music, we are organized for everything, but we also give carte blanche if you want to bring all of you .. maximum openness and flexibility!

Call us !! We are waiting for you!


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