The Prime Yacht Charter

The Prime Yacht Charter is a beautiful Technema 80, refitted in 2016 that has very low costs and fuel consumption of a sailboat. It is a project that is constantly evolving, which sees the search for new technologies to be installed and experimented on board.

With its formula of Hybrid Yacht Charter fuel costs are like a sail boat!

We are always looking for innovative systems to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid waste! Thanks to this attention we are able to offer Yacht Charter giving one hour of navigation a day Free !!

Hybrid Yacht Charter fuel costs are like a sail boat

With all the energy supplied by the solar panels on board, thanks to optimized systems, we can cover the entire daily requirement, switching on the generator only a couple of hours in the evening .. just enough to recharge the water tanks with the our powerful 360-liter watermaker now

Our Yacht navigates in the most exclusive locations of the Mediterranean among the crystalline seas of Sardinia, to the wonders of the Amalfi coast, passing by the Pontine islands, offering you from year to year offers of increasingly rich Charter.

Yacht charter formulas

the formula that everyone knows is the Crewed Rental formula, which includes the Captain a sailor and the hostess / cook. The prices are those of the market, with the right and due service

The novelty of our offers represents the Yacht Light Rental, is a cross between the crew-yacht service and the bare-boat, as if it were a sailboat with the skipper to forbid us. We bring you the boat in safety, but cleaning service and cooking is done by you, this offer allows you to save almost 50% of the amount !! It ‘a new formula that is very enjoyable, the price of a 60 feet .. take a 85 feet !!! Also with the low costs of the Prime, you will spend like a sailboat of the same length !!

You got it right … the costs of a sailboat, with the spaces and the comfort of a motor boat !! We wait for you on board, call and ask for an all-inclusive quote, without surprises !!


”…see you soon.. David..”

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