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Suncat Charter

Suncat History

Suncat Charter is a charter  company founded in 2002 by its founder Davide Palusci, and that after 10 years of hard work, has gathered the trust of 4 other passionate friends, which have allowed it to become today a reality of the Italian nautical charter. It has come to have three catamarans: Lagoon 410, Lagoon 440 and Lagoon 500 and a Motor-Yacht Sunseeker Predator 80. After the 2011 crisis, the company broke up by dividing the boats.

CEO   Davide Palusci

Its founder Davide Palusci bought back in 2014 a Rizzardi Technema 80, and started the climb to realize his crazy dream … a Hybrid Yacht only after 2 years of hard work managed to make it operational in 2016. The refitting work continued in 2017, fine tuning all the technological changes made to the boat, today we can say that it is the first Eco-sustainable Hybrid boat and certainly with the lowest environmental impact on the Italian charter market. Suncat today manages, directly, other sailboats, catamarans and some motor boats, all the boats you will see on our site are boats that have success standards with the customers always very high!

 Summer 2019   Charter Sardinia 

We operate in the nautical charter sector  in Italy through yacht charter and leasing contracts. 

Charter Catamaran

We rent our catamarans preferably with crew, . For our super motor yacht there are 3 crew members.

Suncat Luxury Services

We also specialize in jet-private airplanes, helicopters, and much more accessible .. propeller planes, we can take you to your destination at very competitive costs.

Italian Yacht Event

We offer team building and incentive for companies on board our catamarans or our Luxury Yacht.

Yacht romantic dinners

During the winter season we do romantic dinners, private parties, birthdays, bachelor party, bachelorette party We just have to wish you a happy stay on board our boats!

We are waiting for you !!


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Complitelly refitted in 2016 Prime is a new boat !

Hybrid Yacht Prime

Charter Yacht Sardinia

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Complitelly refitted in 2016 Prime is a new boat !

Hybrid Yacht Prime

Charter Yacht Sardinia

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Prime Ecological Yacht Project

We are looking for companies that want to invest their time with their products on our boat, to have a return of visibility and use in the winter months as a Floating Shop

      Floating Show Room

Exactly! you have read well, what is meant to be is a concentrate of technology and products that would also represent a novelty in the nautical world, but since the world is changing, we place ourselves as precursors of this new trend and conscience that goes towards concepts of Efficiency and Eco-Sustainability.


This project is in constant change, its partners can vary, add or take off, without making large investments, only by inserting their product inside the boat, and in synergy and shared way to coordinate the best strategy and the different operational positioning of the boat For example, participate in the fairs of Genoa, Cannes .. Montecarlo we would like to create a real floating and traveling shop, where we ourselves will propose to our customers and receive your customers showing them the changes made, your products, the technological advantages and competitive compared to the competition.


after 2 years of hard work he managed to make it operational in 2016. The work of refitting continued in 2017, fine tuning all the technological changes made to the boat, today we can say that it is the first hybrid boat Eco-sustainable and certainly with the lowest environmental impact that there is on the Italian charter market

It is the first ECO-SUSTAINABLE boat there is, with its 5KW of Solar Panels installed on a specially constructed roof, it manages to be completely independent during the day from fossil fuels! Thanks to the obsessive obsession with the Renewable Energies of its Owner and Captain Davide, the boat can stay in the harbor having the consumption of a small sailboat … with all the comforts of a boat of the same level


                                   The advantages of the members

International media visibility on all the scientific and nautical magazines of the sector
Productions of viral videos to disseminate the innovative products and systems used on board
The boat will become a reference point of ecological will, which will open the way to world shipbuilding to change the waste of energy in on-board systems
A floating and traveling show-room for companies that will participate with their products (nautical fairs or renewable / alternative energy sector)
Availability as accommodation of the various partners during the winter months
Treatments reserved at special prices in case of summer rental May / September
Corporate Events created Ad-hoc for the promotion of partners’ products
Association to the project of experimentation, finding funds and marketing
The boat is already part and available to the University of Rome 3 as an object of study of the Master in Yacht Design thanks to the prof .arch. Marco Amadio who is taking care of the design