Tender Yacht Prime


Tender Yacht Prime

Thanks to the width of our Yacht charter PRIME , of 4.6 meters! we manage to host a large and comfortable tender! In the Sardinia Charter Getting around in the Ponza harbor, or from the Frontone bay, will be fun!

You can do a lot of things with a tender of 4.60 m for 70hp! Basically it is like another boat, in fact you can immediately reach places even a few miles from the boat, water skiing, water-toys, trolling,

Adventure Yacht

Excursions in the caves, transport of underwater materials, will be guaranteed with speed and security . If you want to use the tender, here are some rules to keep in mind


Do not move away with the tender if you do not have one
on board the oars, the bailer and, in the evening, one
B) Before leaving, it is essential to check the
tank status, better yet, get used to it
to keep a small jig on board
of those of iron, full of mixture.
C) The last one that drops from the tender, closes the tap
of the mixture. So when you want
start again, remember to open it.
E) Avoid using the tender when there is strong wind.
In the case it is used in these conditions, the
boat skipper must be alert. A
tender that in wind situation loses the use
I know of the engine for a failure, a lot of drift
F) Do not leave the tender to children, Un
swimmer who is hit on the head by
a moving tender will be in trouble
G) Once on the beach, the tender must be pulled
on the bath-tub for its entire length
and must be perpendicular to this,
penalty, not to find it again on your return.
H) It is good to write with an indelible marker
your references in the lower part of
a tubular, well hidden near the floorboard,
this to help you prove that the
tender is yours in the event of theft or loss e
subsequent discovery.


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